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AquacyclerProcess water can become contaminated with toxic metals, precious metals and metal salts making it unsuitable for discharge to the sewer or recycled rinsing operations.

An AquaCycler™ System by Separation Technologists of Salem, NH has selective metal adsorbent ion exchange resins to safely remove toxic metals from wastewater. Product water can then be either recycled and reused as metal-free rinse water or discharged to the sewer system.

Complete point source treatment systems are compact and take up a small footprint on the factory floor. To learn more visit: or call 1-800-932-3143.

Ashby Cross HTC machineAbrasive material presents a challenge for production processes. With a typical Double Acting dispensing system, the abrasive material creates potential wear problems. With a typical Single Acting dispensing system, there is a recharge cycle during which there is no flow which causes an interruption in the production process.

Ashby Cross of Newburyport, MA has designed a unique HTC machine that combines the action of both the double acting and single acting systems thus reducing component wear and providing a continuous flow without the recharge cycle. To learn more visit: or call: 1-978-463-0202.