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ECI ServiceECI Screen Print has grown tremendously over the past couple of years and the larger the company, the more at risk of becoming more and more cumbersome in its processes. Growing companies need to focus on preventing this problem as well as improving their customer service, all while trying to compete in competitive industries. We have to be able to supply customers with more information that is more detailed and more accurate. There is a great need to be able to supply a surmounting growth of opportunities to the public as well as our customers, all of this while doing it in an easier and simpler way. The goal is to set new standards for service and to be able to increase those standards continually over time. Read full article

3D prostheticWhile most people don’t think twice about clicking a mouse or moving a cursor around using a trackpad, the tasks that we take for granted can actually be very difficult for those with either limited hand mobility or missing limbs. To help find a solution to this challenge and to make digital operations and tasks easier for those with physical hand disabilities, a team of German students has devised Shortcut, a 3D printed smart wristband which communicates wireless gestures through muscle movement. Read full article

The Future of ManufacturingThere’s no doubt: Manufacturers today are stuck between a rock and hard place. On the one hand, many face an aging workforce that may retire without sharing key knowledge. In fact, the Pew Research Center predicts that 10,000 baby boomers will retire each day over the next 19 years.

On the other, some 80% of businesses are struggling to bring new talent into the door and up through the ranks. Unless things change, 2 million jobs will go unfilled even as manufacturers face a growing skills gap on their teams. Read full article

IVEK Certamic Displacement PumpsWhen deciding which OEM pump is best for precise aspirating and dispensing of samples and reagents in both Analytical and IVD instruments, we are often asked the differences between traditional Syringe Pumps and IVEK’s Ceramic Displacement Pumps.  Since both of these can be used to do the same function, what are the pros and cons of each? Read full article

Nine Sigma Chemical ProposalNineSigma, representing a major chemical company, invites proposals for a method to produce pseudo/low crystalline-boehmite (AlO(OH)). The most important feature of the method is to provide a low sodium, low sulfur AlO(OH) beneficially with high pore volume (> 0.5 ml/g) and high crush strength after forming and calcination of the boehmite to gamma alumina (γ-Al2O3) and/or alpha alumina (α-Al2O3). The successful technology will be used to produce supported catalysts suitable for a range of applications. Learn more about submitting your proposal.

Micro Precision Ceramic Engineered SubstratesThere are many advantages to converting your FR-4 PCB assemblies to ceramic engineered substrates. Benefits include excellent thermal conductivity, ESS robustness and extreme temperature operation just to name a few. Micro-Precision Technologies, Inc. is a US based Ceramic PCB manufacturer. Their qualifications include ISO-9001:2008 Certified, MIL-PRF-38534 Class H Qualified and QML-38534 Listed. Visit their website to learn more about the advantages of hybrid assemblies over FR-4 PCB assemblies. Read more

Hoyt MetersLocated in Penacook, New Hampshire, Hoyt Meter manufactures a variety of Panel Meters, Transformers, and Voltage Test Equipment. Their large selection of analog meters offers a variety of solutions for your project, whether you need to read voltage, amperage, or frequency. From rugged models to their vintage meter series, Hoyt Meter has a solution for you. Learn more.

ECI Custom Membrane SwitchECI Screenprint sets itself apart in the Membrane Switch market. Offering high quality, durable membrane switch designs, their strengths really shine from their graphics department. Coming from the printing industry, ECI offers superior graphic overlays and printing for their membrane switches. Adding functionality, branding, and flare to your product, ECI’s design team ensures that your final product exceeds your expectations. Learn more.

New England Small Tube Reagent ProbeSince 1986 New England Small Tube Corporation has been helping companies design Probes, Cannulae, Needles, Pipettes and other Custom Assemblies.

Customers spanning several different industries have trusted NEST’s expertise for the fabrication and completion of their probes and tube assemblies from design through production.

Their website offers a simplified guide created to help with the beginning development stage of a probe assembly and some common considerations that can help smooth and standardize the design. Remember to keep these in mind to make your parts more cost effective and easier to obtain. Read the guide here.

National Aperture Motion websiteNational Aperture of Salem, NH –  manufacturer of precision apertures and motion positioning devices has just launched a new website for their position stages. The new site features a product builder, e-commerce and (coming soon) the ability to download the 3D CAD files. The new website is mobile-friendly and their corporate website,, has also been updated to a mobile-friendly responsive platform. View the new website here.

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