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High Throughput Tissue SamplingNineSigma is looking for proposals for High Throughput Tissue Sampling. NineSigma’s client, Altria, is interested in technology that supports high throughput sampling and sample tracking for tissue cultures.  This technology would be used internally to support gene modification work.  Altria would like to automate the process by which tissue cultures are sampled and evaluated.  Ideal solutions will be able to take samples from an array of cultures in a way that allows the rest of the sample to continue growing.  The tissue cultures to be sampled have an average surface area of roughly 0.25-0.5 cm2. Desired sample size is flexible and may range from 1mm2 up to ½ of the original culture size.  The samples collected will be subject to PCR and subsequent sequencing. Deadline for proposals: January 6, 2017 Read full specs

MIT microencapsulationTechnique mass-produces uniform, encapsulated particles for pharmaceuticals, many other uses.

Microencapsulation, in which a tiny particle of one material is encased within a shell made from another, is widely used in pharmaceuticals manufacturing and holds promise for other areas, such as self-repairing materials and solar power.

But most applications of microencapsulation require particles of uniform size, and that’s something that existing fabrication techniques don’t reliably provide. In products with a high profit margin, such as pharmaceuticals, it can be cost effective to mechanically separate particles of the proper size from those that are too large or too small, but in niche or small-margin products, it may not be. Read the MIT Solution.

AIE Cell Culture Lab PackagesAmerican Instrument Exchange offers three different outlines for your cell culture lab setup.

American Instrument Exchange of Haverhill, MA  offers a comparison chart of three available packages. View the package pages for more detailed information regarding the pieces of equipment included. They will easily customize any of these cell culture lab packages to meet your particular needs. Items offered in each package are subject to availability. They will offer comparable options for any piece of equipment that’s not currently in stock.

Bioprinted EarTalk to anyone on the front lines of bioprinting and you’re sure to hear about issues with vascularization.

“Everyone agrees that you will never have a fully functioning organ come off a bioprinter without vascularization,” said Lauralyn McDaniel, industry manager for medical device manufacturing at SME (Dearborn, MI).

But vascularized skin is on the horizon: Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine has bioprinted skin in pre-clinical studies that shows vascularization.

“In animal studies, the printed skin healed and remained stable over time,” John Jackson, associate professor of regenerative medicine at Wake Forest, said. The longest life for his bioprinted skin: 2 months.” Read full article: