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Temco Tool Expanding FacilityTemco Tool is about to start an expansion project that will increase our manufacturing facility by approximately 16,000 square-feet and create 20-30 new jobs when fully utilized. The increased demand from our core customers as well as several new opportunities has spurred this expansion. We have simply run out of room in our current building, fortunately our piece of land allows room for an expansion to the existing plant. The plans and permitting phase is nearing completion, and we are hoping to have the building up and externally complete by fall. Our new space will allow us to produce parts in higher volume with shorter lead time, while supporting our current long term contracts without interruption. Read full article

Concept Lasers VideoPlastics have long been the leading edge in the realm of 3D printing, but metals are where the action is today, as modern industrial 3D printers develop high value components across manufacturing industries.

Concept Laser’s Mlab cusing unit can perform 3D printing operations with materials including steel, both 3-16 and 17-4 and marraging steel. The Mlab’s cusing R can perform with reactive metals such as titanium and aluminum. View the video and read the full article.

MSC Filtration TMSC Filtration Technologyechnologies was founded by Stanley “Pete” Johnson in 1962 as a Manufacturing Service Corporation of Hazardville, Connecticut. Primary products were filtration and separation systems for the machine tool and metalworking industries. Systems were engineered and fabricated for both the manufacturers of the machine tools and the companies that utilized them in their manufacturing process.

Toady, the company has expanded and moved to Enfield, Connecticut and offers filtration products for lube and hydraulics, machine tool coolant, and process filtration. They also provide oil dehydrator rentals, process filtration equipment rentals, and machine tool coolant services. MSC Filtration Technologies utilizes advanced 3D modeling software for system designs and current top manufacturing practices. ISO certification is pending. To learn more visit: or call 1-800-7359.