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Air Quality

Airmax Fabric Ducting Through lightweight fabric ducting, AIRMAX International provides a low maintenance, affordable alternative to bulky metal ductwork. Fabric ducting does not dent, rust or corrode as does traditional metal ductwork. With no roof load concerns and no air balancing needed, AIRMAX’s systems are easily installed by their in-house professionals or yourself.

AIRMAX fabric ducts offer even air distribution throughout your facility, shop, gym or warehouse. If you have additional air quality concerns such as harmful fumes, dust and particulates, systems can come with air filtration solutions. Whether you need a custom designed system or are looking for factory direct fabric ducting, AIRMAX can help. To learn more visit: or call 1-800-247-6291.

Aquest Dust Control SystemAquest Corporation with offices in Maine and Connecticut goes the extra mile for their clients. Not only do they design systems for factory air quality, they also offer around-the-clock service as well. They pride themselves on designing heavy-duty systems, but if their system breaks, they fix it!

Their systems may include such products as; dust collectors, paint and blast booths, oil mist collectors, wet dust collectors, high vac source extraction, gas phase scrubbers, ambient air cleaners, controlled air booths and more, depending on your requirement. Equipment is all top quality, brand recognizable and reliable. To learn more visit or call 1-860-749-3938 in Connecticut or 1-207-653-0871 in Maine.