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Wilevco Spinning Disc Spray Coating MachineThe Wilevco Spray Applicator enables significantly increased production yields over other application methods. The uniform spray pattern of the coating is applied precisely, without the use of air-knives, to each piece across the belt throughout the production run, eliminating over and under coated product.  The rows of product are never floated through a “puddle” of coating, eliminating “marriages.” Coating waste is reduced by at least 50%.

For over 50 years, WILEVCO has served the food processing industry with simple, reliable, high quality equipment and superior customer service.

WILEVCO Systems have been continuously refined to meet the stringent and ever-changing demands of the food industry. Unsurpassed durability, reliable performance with repeatable results, along with ease of operation, maintenance, and sanitation are the hallmarks of WILEVCO Systems. Visit website.