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Capetura 200 from CapacitecThe Capteura® 200 Series Modular non-contact capacitive displacement instrumentation packages from Capacitec of Ayer, MA are the next generation to the 4000 series. Introduced in 2012, the new Capteura® 200 Series offers Capacitec’s highest stability and lowest noise solution for displacement measurements when used in conjunction with any of Capacitec line of non-contact displacement, gap and hole sensors. Learn more

Capacitec is an ISO9001:2008 certified designer and manufacturer of non-contact capacitive displacement sensors, gap sensors, bore probes and parallelism measurements, which include capacitive amplifiers and data acquisition systems. Capacitec specializes in custom amplifiers and software for OEM applications.

Polyonics ESD MaterialsPolyonics has developed a family of ESD-Safe polyimide and polyester (PET) labels, tapes and films that comply with the S20.20, IEC 61340 and JESD625B standards and are safe to use in ESD control plans. The materials have static dissipative top surfaces and low charging pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and liners that generate less than 125 volts with liner removal and again if repositioned or removed post process.

The materials have proven to help designers and manufacturers protect their most sensitive ESDS devices from electrostatic charges arising from both human contact (HBM) and charged devices (CDM) and have become valuable elements in the successful ESD control plans of global electronics EMS’, ODMs, converters and OEMs. Read more

Capacitec Gap MeasurementCapacitec provides manufacturers needing precision gap and bore measurements in the most demanding applications with non-contact solutions. They have a wide range of standard non-contact sensors including the Capteura®,  Gapman® & Gapmaster as well as custom capacitive measuring systems.

Their established product lines and custom systems have a growing list of applications. From machine automation to manual bore inspection, Capacitec’s sensors can ensure that your product and process meets specifications. To learn more visit: or call 1- 978-772-6033.

Balluff Fork SensorBalluff’s new rugged self-contained through-beam sensors are ideal for challenging environments in the food and beverage, packaging, metalworking and pharmaceutical industries.

Balluff’s newest addition to the industry’s leading line of fork sensors now includes IP69K rated stainless steel self-contained through-beam sensors designed for the most challenging environments. These robust sensors incorporate a 316L stainless steel housing that is able to withstand aggressive cleaning solutions, coolants, and lubricants. The protection provided by the housing makes these sensors the ideal choice for food and beverage, packaging, metalworking and pharmaceutical industries. Read full article:

Airex Corporation has finaliAirex Motorszed a distribution agreement with PRESTOSOLUTION to sell and integrate Airex’s innovative range of ironless Linear Motors in South Korea. Complementing PRESTOSOLUTION’s expertise in motion system design and integration, the Airex products include patented and distinctive characteristics that enable the high level of dynamic performance required in demanding motion control applications such as flat panel display manufacture, semiconductor manufacture, imaging and photonics, aerospace and undersea, medical, life sciences, and military equipment.

Airex ironless “zero cogging” Linear Motors boast the highest motor constant in any similar volume of motor for industry-best response and settle times as well as exceptional control characteristics. Airex products are an ideal complement to PRESTOSOLUTION’s range of servo drives and motion controls at a very cost-competitive choice for precision positioning, in which smooth motion combined with rapid move and settle times are prerequisites for high-throughput production machinery and test equipment applications. Learn more about Airex products at or call 1-603-841-2040.

Hoyt Electrical InstruHoyt Metersment Works was established in 1904 by Dr. Hoyt, an engineer and inventor who built and designed six electric and five steam cars. A car enthusiast, Dr. Hoyt also owned the first automobile in New Hampshire and was one of the founders of the New Hampshire Automobile Club in 1900.

While the car manufacturing never took off for Dr. Hoyt, electrical metering competitors offered Hoyt a substantial amount of money to sell his company and his line of direct reading meters. Dr. Hoyt decided this must be a growing industry and decided to compete, establishing Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc. in 1904. Read the full story here: .