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A digital agency specializing in designing and promoting websites for Industrial companies: manufacturers and manufacturing service companies. They offer free marketing guides available for download at their website.

Capacitec Gap MeasurementCapacitec provides manufacturers needing precision gap and bore measurements in the most demanding applications with non-contact solutions. They have a wide range of standard non-contact sensors including the Capteura®,  Gapman® & Gapmaster as well as custom capacitive measuring systems.

Their established product lines and custom systems have a growing list of applications. From machine automation to manual bore inspection, Capacitec’s sensors can ensure that your product and process meets specifications. To learn more visit: or call 1- 978-772-6033.

Airmax Fabric Ducting Through lightweight fabric ducting, AIRMAX International provides a low maintenance, affordable alternative to bulky metal ductwork. Fabric ducting does not dent, rust or corrode as does traditional metal ductwork. With no roof load concerns and no air balancing needed, AIRMAX’s systems are easily installed by their in-house professionals or yourself.

AIRMAX fabric ducts offer even air distribution throughout your facility, shop, gym or warehouse. If you have additional air quality concerns such as harmful fumes, dust and particulates, systems can come with air filtration solutions. Whether you need a custom designed system or are looking for factory direct fabric ducting, AIRMAX can help. To learn more visit: or call 1-800-247-6291.

JAKOMO LogoIn Jakamo’s manufacturing service platform, companies connect with each other and share information such as orders, ideas, claims and projects. They currently serve over 1000 businesses, large and small, in about 40 countries around the world. In Jakamo, information sharing is fast, easy and secure. It can be implemented quickly and integrated with internal systems such as ERPs and PLMs. Unlike traditional systems, Jakamo makes the shared information available in real-time for both customer’s and supplier’s employees. The service is free to use for any company with enterprise subscriptions available for advanced users.

Today, Jakamo is happy to announce that they have reached a customer base of over 1000 manufacturing companies around the world. This is a big milestone for them! To learn more visit:

MSC Filtration TMSC Filtration Technologyechnologies was founded by Stanley “Pete” Johnson in 1962 as a Manufacturing Service Corporation of Hazardville, Connecticut. Primary products were filtration and separation systems for the machine tool and metalworking industries. Systems were engineered and fabricated for both the manufacturers of the machine tools and the companies that utilized them in their manufacturing process.

Toady, the company has expanded and moved to Enfield, Connecticut and offers filtration products for lube and hydraulics, machine tool coolant, and process filtration. They also provide oil dehydrator rentals, process filtration equipment rentals, and machine tool coolant services. MSC Filtration Technologies utilizes advanced 3D modeling software for system designs and current top manufacturing practices. ISO certification is pending. To learn more visit: or call 1-800-7359.

Aquest Dust Control SystemAquest Corporation with offices in Maine and Connecticut goes the extra mile for their clients. Not only do they design systems for factory air quality, they also offer around-the-clock service as well. They pride themselves on designing heavy-duty systems, but if their system breaks, they fix it!

Their systems may include such products as; dust collectors, paint and blast booths, oil mist collectors, wet dust collectors, high vac source extraction, gas phase scrubbers, ambient air cleaners, controlled air booths and more, depending on your requirement. Equipment is all top quality, brand recognizable and reliable. To learn more visit or call 1-860-749-3938 in Connecticut or 1-207-653-0871 in Maine.

Airex Corporation has finaliAirex Motorszed a distribution agreement with PRESTOSOLUTION to sell and integrate Airex’s innovative range of ironless Linear Motors in South Korea. Complementing PRESTOSOLUTION’s expertise in motion system design and integration, the Airex products include patented and distinctive characteristics that enable the high level of dynamic performance required in demanding motion control applications such as flat panel display manufacture, semiconductor manufacture, imaging and photonics, aerospace and undersea, medical, life sciences, and military equipment.

Airex ironless “zero cogging” Linear Motors boast the highest motor constant in any similar volume of motor for industry-best response and settle times as well as exceptional control characteristics. Airex products are an ideal complement to PRESTOSOLUTION’s range of servo drives and motion controls at a very cost-competitive choice for precision positioning, in which smooth motion combined with rapid move and settle times are prerequisites for high-throughput production machinery and test equipment applications. Learn more about Airex products at or call 1-603-841-2040.

Hoyt Electrical InstruHoyt Metersment Works was established in 1904 by Dr. Hoyt, an engineer and inventor who built and designed six electric and five steam cars. A car enthusiast, Dr. Hoyt also owned the first automobile in New Hampshire and was one of the founders of the New Hampshire Automobile Club in 1900.

While the car manufacturing never took off for Dr. Hoyt, electrical metering competitors offered Hoyt a substantial amount of money to sell his company and his line of direct reading meters. Dr. Hoyt decided this must be a growing industry and decided to compete, establishing Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc. in 1904. Read the full story here: .

Carr Tool Company, Inc.Carr Tool of Londonderry, NH produces both high and low volume machined components and assemblies that meet the highest standards for quality control. Their unique approach to inspect directly from their customers’ files or models that are imported directly into their coordinate measuring machine guarantees accuracy to the model while reducing or eliminating the need for detailed blueprints. To learn more, visit or call 603-669-0177.

AquacyclerProcess water can become contaminated with toxic metals, precious metals and metal salts making it unsuitable for discharge to the sewer or recycled rinsing operations.

An AquaCycler™ System by Separation Technologists of Salem, NH has selective metal adsorbent ion exchange resins to safely remove toxic metals from wastewater. Product water can then be either recycled and reused as metal-free rinse water or discharged to the sewer system.

Complete point source treatment systems are compact and take up a small footprint on the factory floor. To learn more visit: or call 1-800-932-3143.