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Auto Interior materialsDELA Incorporated supplies a variety of manufacturers with laminated roll goods and components. Their materials are used in the medical, automotive, footwear, military, public safety, packaging, and safety product industries. The Massachusetts facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified and can meet Berry Amendment specifications for Made in USA and military products. They also offer J.I.T. and Kan Ban Programs for your convenience. Their new, mobile-friendly website details how they best supply these industries. Learn more.

Acromatic PlasticsAcromatic Plastics’ tool shop is located within their facility and comprises approximately 6,000 square feet. It contains state of the art CNC Equipment along with all necessary auxiliary equipment needed to build, maintain, repair and revise their customers’ molds.

They provide their customers with full service mold building options and manage each project from tool design to completion. Molds can be built internally, or by our partners in China resulting in significant cost savings. Both options provide customers with exceptional quality molds, which are covered by an Acromatic Plastics warranty. Learn more

High Throughput Tissue SamplingNineSigma is looking for proposals for High Throughput Tissue Sampling. NineSigma’s client, Altria, is interested in technology that supports high throughput sampling and sample tracking for tissue cultures.  This technology would be used internally to support gene modification work.  Altria would like to automate the process by which tissue cultures are sampled and evaluated.  Ideal solutions will be able to take samples from an array of cultures in a way that allows the rest of the sample to continue growing.  The tissue cultures to be sampled have an average surface area of roughly 0.25-0.5 cm2. Desired sample size is flexible and may range from 1mm2 up to ½ of the original culture size.  The samples collected will be subject to PCR and subsequent sequencing. Deadline for proposals: January 6, 2017 Read full specs

Bematek Lab Colloid MillBematek of Salem, MA introduces a Laboratory colloid mill that was developed for R&D purpose and the difficult task of scale-up in homogenizing and emulsifying applications. These mills have features that address factors such as ergonomics and flexibility in workspace utilization, and changes in throughput demands.

From laboratory to pilot plant, and full-scale production, these systems offer the ability to reduce scale up complexity and predict finished-product quality. Learn more

Wavelink Flat Flexible CableWavelink Flat Flexible Cables (FFC) provide easy reliable connection of multiple data points and/or power points in a small, light, flexible, space saving profile. Wavelink FFC is a laminated cable consisting of 1 or more flat conductors laid parallel on a specified pitch and laminated between two layers of dielectric. The flat conductors are typically oxygen free annealed copper and are either bare or tin coated. The dielectric is typically 1 mil or 2 mils of polyester film. Get full specifications and applications here.

unconventional vacuum filterPolytech’s patented low entry vacuum filters are designed to operate effectively with heavily aerated fluids. These filters turn conventional vacuum filter design upside down. Dirty coolant is quickly filtered and transferred to the upper clean tank. In the clean tank there is time and space to manage entrained air in the fluid before separate, dedicated clean coolant supply pump(s) return coolant to the machine tool. This eliminates the possibility of pump cavitation and loss of coolant flow. Read more

North American PlasticsNorth American Plastics, will meet all your custom blow molding needs. They manufacture each product with precision, quality and reliability. From design to mass production, they ensure that your final product meets your needs.

Their industry experience and state-of-the-art blow molding equipment allows them to serve a wide variety of industries.

From small short runs to projects requiring design assistance, prototyping, assembly, and mass production – they enjoy a challenge, and thrive on delivering perfection. Visit their website to learn more.

Dayton Manufacturers Need Trained WorkersBlog post by Patrick Ross, Chief Communications Officer for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

While touring five different manufacturing plants in greater Dayton, Ohio, last Friday on Manufacturing Day, I kept hearing the same response to my question of what a plant owner’s most pressing challenge is: “The only thing impeding our growth is a sufficient number of workers,” as Noble Tool President Jim Zahora said.

Dayton was hit hard by the economic downturn of eight years ago, but like many communities across the country, the region is rebounding. If you’ve flown on a plane lately or driven a car, it’s likely some of the parts conveying you were manufactured in Dayton, or that the machines engineered to make those parts came from Dayton. But while manufacturing jobs as a whole in the United States have increased by 3% since 2013, there are more jobs waiting for employees in Dayton. Read full blog post

CSI Keyboards Custom SwitchesCSI Keyboards specializes in the design and production of onboard instrumentation for seafaring vessels. Marine controls and instrumentation face some of the greatest challenges when it comes to the environment they must perform in. Being constantly exposed to all of the elements which include both the sun and moisture, marine navigation controls must be able to withstand temperature extremes, constant UV exposure, and driving rain and salt sea spray. CSI offers customized solutions for the marine industry including Marine Instrumentation Keypads and Interfaces. Visit website.

Wilevco Spinning Disc Spray Coating MachineThe Wilevco Spray Applicator enables significantly increased production yields over other application methods. The uniform spray pattern of the coating is applied precisely, without the use of air-knives, to each piece across the belt throughout the production run, eliminating over and under coated product.  The rows of product are never floated through a “puddle” of coating, eliminating “marriages.” Coating waste is reduced by at least 50%.

For over 50 years, WILEVCO has served the food processing industry with simple, reliable, high quality equipment and superior customer service.

WILEVCO Systems have been continuously refined to meet the stringent and ever-changing demands of the food industry. Unsurpassed durability, reliable performance with repeatable results, along with ease of operation, maintenance, and sanitation are the hallmarks of WILEVCO Systems. Visit website.