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Zebra Wearable ComputersAccording to Zebra of Lincolnshire, Illinois, “Zebra’s Total Wearable Solutions are the only dedicated family of enterprise wearable devices built on Android and backed by Mobility DNA to deliver unrivaled scan performance and manageability. By combining the hands-free mobility of wearable technology with one-of-a-kind features like tap to pair capabilities, Zebra’s Total Wearable Solutions provide the operational flexibility needed to replace complexity with productivity.”

This technology is facinating and geared for manufacturing, warehousing, retail and more. Read more

ManufacturingEmployment in manufacturing “changed very little” in August according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) monthly release of data on domestic employment, while employment in mining continued to slip. The nation’s unemployment rate remained unchanged from July’s figure of 4.9%, or 7.8 million individuals. Read full article

BoshBosch is accused in the lawsuit of conspiring with VW to develop technology that enabled diesel vehicles to evade pollution-control tests. After seeking legal protection from VW for its use of the device in the U.S., the German auto-parts supplier continued to participate in the conspiracy to hide the cheating from regulators, car owners said in a court filing citing a 2008 letter from Bosch to VW. Read full article

Balluff Fork SensorBalluff’s new rugged self-contained through-beam sensors are ideal for challenging environments in the food and beverage, packaging, metalworking and pharmaceutical industries.

Balluff’s newest addition to the industry’s leading line of fork sensors now includes IP69K rated stainless steel self-contained through-beam sensors designed for the most challenging environments. These robust sensors incorporate a 316L stainless steel housing that is able to withstand aggressive cleaning solutions, coolants, and lubricants. The protection provided by the housing makes these sensors the ideal choice for food and beverage, packaging, metalworking and pharmaceutical industries. Read full article:

15 Facts that Manufacturing is GrowingWhat do economic growth, global competitive advantage, technological innovation, and high quality of life have in common? None of these would be possible without the manufacturing sector.

As much as we like to say manufacturing is on the wane in the developed world, with the Internet of Things (IoT), there’s actually been a resurgence in this sector, albeit perhaps on a smaller scale.

Manufacturing is the driving force behind the steady economic growth, competitive advantage, innovation and high quality of life present in the United States. It has played a key role in shaping and developing the U.S. economy throughout the history of the nation, especially after the start of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700’s. Read full article:

Smart ManufacturingAmerica is poised to make a comeback in manufacturing, a Rockwell Automation official said Thursday.

“The economics are in place for North America to have a manufacturing (resurgence),” said Rodger Brisso, original equipment manufacturer territory sales manager for Rockwell.

Rockwell and Consolidated Electrical Distributors sponsored an On-the-Move automation fair Wednesday and Thursday (Sept. 24th & 25th 2016) at the Mid-America Center. Over 400 people attended the event, which included displays about “smart manufacturing” by 75 exhibitors and a variety of training workshops, Brisso said. View complete article:

Doug Rose of Aero GearDoug Rose of Aero Gear in Windsor, CT supplies jet engines to Pratt & Whitney. Journal Inquirer of Connecticut sat down and interviewed Doug to learn more about how and why he started his business, his view on technology changes and the Connecticut business environment. The interview also reveals personal information about 61 year old Rose as well. It’s an interesting read:

Markit PMIThe August Markit Flash US Manufacturing PMI came in below market expectations but still signals an improved performance of factories in the third quarter compared to the first half of the year.

Although exports grew at the fastest rate for almost two years, subdued domestic demand acted as a drag on order book growth. The hiring trend also slowed as firms grew cautious about the outlook and inflationary pressures cooled. Read full article:

Bioprinted EarTalk to anyone on the front lines of bioprinting and you’re sure to hear about issues with vascularization.

“Everyone agrees that you will never have a fully functioning organ come off a bioprinter without vascularization,” said Lauralyn McDaniel, industry manager for medical device manufacturing at SME (Dearborn, MI).

But vascularized skin is on the horizon: Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine has bioprinted skin in pre-clinical studies that shows vascularization.

“In animal studies, the printed skin healed and remained stable over time,” John Jackson, associate professor of regenerative medicine at Wake Forest, said. The longest life for his bioprinted skin: 2 months.” Read full article:

Stratasys 3DStratasys, a provider of 3D printing solutions, has introduced several next-generation technologies as part of its SHAPING WHAT’S NEXT vision for manufacturing. According to the company, Stratasys’ industrial FDM 3D printing expertise is designed to respond to the needs of customers’ most challenging applications, addressing manufacturers’ needs to rapidly produce strong parts ranging in size from an automobile armrest to an entire aircraft interior panel.

Among the technology is the Infinite-Build 3D Demonstrator , which is designed to address the requirements of aerospace and automotive for large, lightweight, thermoplastic parts with repeatable mechanical properties. In addition to partnering with Boeing, Ford and Stratasys will work together to test and develop new application for automotive-grade 3D-printed materials. Read the full article here: